2020-2021 Strategic Plan Initiative

Starpoint is required to ask for public input for our 2020-2021 Strategic Plan however due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we cannot hold a public meeting.  If you have any suggestions, recommendations or comments to the following draft plan please communicate with Bob Arnold at rarnold@statpointco,com.  Thanks! 2020-21 Strategic Initiatives (draft) Continue planning for CFCM implementation with the goal to…

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Generous Donation

In the midst of challenging times, a most generous and kind act. As always, Thank you, Bob and Catherine Sounart for your continued support. As requested their donation will be used to purchase needed and increased consumer and employee medical and sanitation supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you would like to make a donation, please visit our website, www.starpointco.com where you will…

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