Starpoint is required to ask for public input for our 2020-2021 Strategic Plan however due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we cannot hold a public meeting.  If you have any suggestions, recommendations or comments to the following draft plan please communicate with Bob Arnold at rarnold@statpointco,com.  Thanks!

2020-21 Strategic Initiatives

  • Continue planning for CFCM implementation with the goal to be operating as the case management entity under the rural exception. If necessary plan to do all Medicaid waiver case management in our service area, or possibly a larger area, should any other agency express interest in providing case management in our service region. Bryana Marsicano and a new Director of Case Management
  • Implement Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) by the designated date within the required programs. Adult Services Directors with Bonnie Stumph as the lead
  • Expand functional use of Therap so that all billing can be done through that system. Julie Watts and Bonnie Stumph
  • Review the available features of MITC and determine if some systems can augment or improve our current employee communications and management practices. Jami Roy, Kim Baber
  • Continue to reduce Preschool and Day Care programs by consolidating into one building at SPIN-Elm. Brenda Aguirre
  • Transfer services currently provided at the Life Skills Center to the facility on Diamond. Put the vacated building on the market. Adult Services Directors and Bryana Marsicano
  • Enhance the hiring and on-boarding process in order to improve employee retention. Jami Roy and April McManus
  • Implement all Provider Transition Plans to be compliant with the Settings Rule. Bonnie Stumph
  • Conduct satisfaction surveys across all departments and services of Starpoint. Bryana Marsicano and new Director of Case Management
  • Evaluate possible sites to relocate Early Intervention services. Jody Berg
  • Recover from the corona virus fiscal and programmatic impacts as rapidly as possible. Everyone
  • Strictly manage the FY2020-21 budget with a goal of generating a surplus of 2 to 3 % of annual revenue. Julie Watts and Bryana Marsicano
  • Increase the number of people receiving services in supported employment by 10%. Adult Service Directors with Marilyn Core as lead


Please submit comments or suggestions to Bob Arnold at